Thursday, May 26, 2005

all I want to do is knit & listen to guster

It's been pretty hot here all week, which is a bummer, but today was my last day of work for 3 weeks, then I go back to work for the summer session. It's been really nice having all the lights off in the department & just listening to NPR, grading things, cleaning things, painting, knitting of course!

Speaking of knitting!!!

I'm in the california knitters ring & if someone from the ring could help me with the icon...for some reason I can only put it at the bottom of my screen & no icon shows up : C Anyone know of how I can fix this?

Several people have asked me lately if I'm on AIM, I am I am!! The name is intagliogrrreen. Please don't hesitate to message me!

Also on the knitting level!! I finished my felted market tote & for once I'm excited that I don't have my digital camera to capture its mess. Apparently I've added too many stitches or my yarn was too thick because the bag is perfect height, but its length is HUGE. & I put the handles in I have to cut & reattach them. Not to mention the bag smells like mold. I'm determined to fix it though.

My friend Sarah, who's from Germany came to the department yesterday to have her slides shot & she saw me knitting and apparently she's been knitting for quite some time, so when we go to her Vegan Tea Party on the 11th we are going to talk knitting & she's getting me a copy of Rebecca knitting magazine, which is German.

I haven't started the Vogue knit tunic case you haven't seen this summers Vogue
here's a top view of the gal

Image hosted by

I think 'll be rather cute! granted, I'll make a few mistakes here & there, but thats ok!

I got my amazing silk in the mail & it's unspun, but I've been knitting my least favorite color into a necklace..I'm using the least favorite so I get used to the feel of it. It's actually coming out pretty nice, I'm going to stitch beads into it so it has a nice sparkle.

Lately I've been addicted to a few things...heres the list:

Guster..."Barrel of a Gun" is my ringtone, but strangely enough I heard them twice this week on NPR, both from the newer album so I'm kinda starting to like it, plus it reminds me of when me & Shanna were good friends.

Painting on wood...I've found some strange chunks of wood around the department this week so I've gessoed them & I plan on doing some neato little paintings

Harry Potter Spoilers...I really shouldnt love them...but I do...

Iced drinks from Dutch Bros...I love almond joy!!

So if anyone knows any HTML that can help me...on my computer my recent entry is right next to my profile...yada .yada...but on some computers its apparently at the!!!

if you offer help, leave your email or AIM since im retarded & have problems with the computer!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

We were waterfall chasers!

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Yay!!! Eric & I had a day off together yesterday & we decided to drive up I-5 north to Dunsmuir to check out some waterfalls.
This is Mt. Shasta from the highway. It was so gorgeous out yesterday...

Image hosted by

We got up to Dunsmuir & we turned down Scarlett's Way & there is this neat sign that talks about "Shasta Retreat". I think at this point I knew that my camera was dying, the LCD screen was blanking out & just being wonky, I changed the batteries. It's strange, all the photos looked great on the camera, once I put them on the computer though, they are SO washed out. I thought maybe it was lens flare or something, but I think theres something wrong with the lens. Regardless, it's back getting fixed...AGAIN. This will be the 3d time I've sent it back, which means if this does it again, I get a new camera : D It's just a huge bummer because I got my order of silk from Canada in the mail & I'd love to show everyone, plus I got the yarn for my tunic!

Image hosted by

Regardless!!! As we drove under that little sign, we passed this tree with all these names on it, it's like the city & the names of the people who live there! I'm thinking about taking some local history books from the library because I'm so curious about this "Shasta Retreat" and the whole mini area of Dunsmuir.

Image hosted by

As we parked & started our hike towards the falls, I looked into the river & saw this!!! Someone painted a mermaid on a rock in the middle of the river! I thought it was great!

Image hosted by

One neat thing about this hike was you follow train tracks, it sounds dangerous, but theres a big path on both sides of the tracks & the trains go superslow because they know tons of people walk by them

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

This is Eric with a train moving in the backround.

Image hosted by

As we walked along we saw SO many strange things like this snake

Image hosted by

And this lizard! There were so many of both just hanging out, sunning themselves.

Image hosted by

We saw this mini waterfall

Image hosted by

And then the big falls!!! Mossbrae Falls! Aren't they so gorgeous!

Image hosted by

They literally surround you!

Image hosted by

Here's Eric!

Image hosted by

Here's us!!! Some nice couple took this for us :D

Image hosted by

Here's Eric in a tree!!

Image hosted by

The whole reason why I took this photo was to show that the bridge was built in 1901 & looks like it hasnt been replaced since & this line of the railroad is SO active. During our walk we saw 2 trains go by, each trains had like, 40-60 cars on it! We walked over it & I almost DIED!!! I'm so afraid of heights & even Eric was getting kinda squirmish, the drop was quite a bit & even just walking over the bridge kinda moved back & forth...

Image hosted by

After we got back to the car we drove up some back roads to Mt Shasta City, but nothing was open, so we headed back.
We came home & cleaned up, we had walked about 5 miles, but it was really great just being outside. Both of us were starved & we went to Sailing Boat, this amazing chinese place, the food was incredible!!! Then we came home, I worked a little on a blanket I'm knitting...

Last night we had a great time, we went to Dutch Brothers & got a yummy coffee & sat with Kelly & her brother, Anthony, Rick, Melissa & Tim. The entire time we all just laughed and laughed.

Today Kelly, Melissa & I went to the mall to Old Navy's insanely cheap sale, we took Kellys Bug & drove with the top down, again, we just laughed & laughed. I should get a photo of her bug, its bright yellow, has huge painted flowers all over it. But Kelly herself is pretty yellow, so it works :D

So school is over & I have three weeks off until I start working for the summer session of the school.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

there in the dancing flames stood sirius's head..


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This is my purse so far, it's huge & wonky & covered in lint, but it's going to be felted & shrink quite a bit. It's neat because the thicker band of orange is a strand of wool & a strand of this amazing strange exotic yarn that I got, so when it felts the exotic yarn will be very noticeable and the rest of the bag will be flatish...
The yarn is Cascade Pastaza in burgandy & orange, the orange is color # 50, I'm not sure about the burgandy...
The fun yarn is Broadway, by Artful Yarns, its color 03

Image hosted by

this is the scarf I've made for Erics mum, using the same broadway yarn, I love it so much, the scarf looks kinda wonky & out of shape, but its just how it's draped. its so beautiful how the yarn changes colors, i call it "sunset" haha.

Image hosted by

best part of this yarn is, it looks as though it has beads blended into it, but it doesnt, its just little bits of metalic & nylon. So far I've worn it out a few times to see how it feels, if it keeps its shape, etc, and I've gotten so many compliments on it, its perfect for summer! I have a tiny bit left, so I might make myself an ultra thin one!

Image hosted by

This is the scarf I've started, but I'm kinda blahed out by it, I'm just basically knitting just to knit, which is ok, but not exactly the best thing. its Patons Allure in Emerald & Patons ChaCha in Jazz. The little stripes I added with the ChaCha, I wanted to try something different, rather than knit with two strands, I just added the stripes, then started again with the green. I'm sure it has a name, but it escapes me at the moment. I'll prob. bind it off & just use it as a bookmark...or maybe keep knitting it & wear it...who knows!

Today I did 14 watercolor/sketches for my drawing class...we have to have 34-36 sketches...i added watercolor simply because it was nice. I might post some photos of them later!

Tomorrow I hope to finish my needle felted kiwi bird...

I can't stop knitting & listening to HP OotP...the combo of the two made me take several tiny naps today..I love knitting myself to sleep!


So I joined a knitting webring. Hopefully I'll be accepted, but I'm not so sure since this blog is mostly knitting, but not just, and I'm just learning : D My one problem was when I tried to enter the html code, it made everything go all wonky on my page, so the only place where it worked was at the VERY bottom of the blog. I think I'm going to mess around with it a little more today. If I don't get in, I'll try again later!

I've been working on my knitted market tote bag all day, I have one of those little heat wraps on my shoulder. I love the colors & the yarn I've used so much. When I post photos later I'll post the names & everything of the yarn. I know how to bind off, but I'm not sure how to "bind off 3" and the only other part is "making an i cord". I've looked at a few things online for help, as well as several of my knitting books, but I'm still having a hard time.

Since my yarn stash is growing, I've used some pages in my knitting reference book (see prevous posts!!) to keep track of the yarns. I stuck the labels, plus a tiny piece of each yarn in. That way I'll remember yarns & colors I really enjoyed.

I'm thinking about taking some nice photos today, especially of the scarf I made for Eric's mum. I got some Patons Allure in Emerald & I'm thinking about knitting up a thin light summer scarf. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do on a day trip with Eric & I'd love a new little scarf for it.

I can't decide where to go! Last month Sunset Magazine did a wonderful write up on waterfalls of Northern California. I'm thinking about going here:

I'm going to knit for a bit, then take some new photos : D Sorry for the text only post!

I'm also needle felting a kiwi bird! I have no idea why!

Friday, May 20, 2005

dah dah dah dooo dooooo (john williams will be proud)

I couldnt bring myself to update yesterday.
I had class all day, came home & slept until now.
My shoulder is REALLY messed up.
Plus side:


yay. off to my last day of school!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Oh what fun a sale is!

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So I'm leaving the house today & noticing my mums cactus has flowers...

then it moved.

Image hosted by

woo hoo!! a cactus frog! isnt that amazing that he's just sitting in there with all the spikes like its no big deal??


Image hosted by

Last night Eric needed a new pillow, I threw his down one away because I took off the pillow case to wash it and POOF, feathers EVERYWHERE. Apparently it's had a hole in it for quite some time and the pillowcase was the only thing saving it.
We went to Target, where Eric test drove..a new pillow!!! He also bought the new Styx album thats all covers, oh man, that was hilarious! Isn't he cute?

Image hosted by

We then took a romantic walk around the Sundial Bridge. This is the same place as my previous post, except at night! This is the most blurry photo ever, taken by the Eric, but I needed to show everyone how pretty it lights up at night! We were below it and we both stuck our feet in the river for about 3 seconds before we almost caught frost bite!

Image hosted by

In other news, I wore my favorite shoes today! That was taken in mums exploder on the way to...THE YARN SALE!!! At Michaels!!!

Image hosted by

OOOOO!!!!!! Isn't it all so pretty?? I can't stop grinning! It was all so cheap, like 4$ each!
Here's the color rundown:
Top to left to right:
Patons Cha Cha in Vegas
Patons Cha Cha in Bunny Hop
Bernat Bling Bling in Moulin Rouge (ok, this wasn't on sale, but I used a 40% off coupon!)
Patons Cha Cha in Tango
Patons Cha Cha in Salsa
Patons Allure in Turquoise

Not bad! Normally I HATE furry yarn, but these were insanely soft and I recently used some "bling bling" to make...

Image hosted by

An Ipod Cover!!!! My ipod is forever being dropped, inked, abused, beaten...etc. And I decided, ok, the felt one wasn't working anymore, so I'm knitting it the softest pouch EVER. Its knit with 3 different yarns, an alpaca, an acrylic & a "bling bling" the result is SO soft and really thick...I'm going to knit little ears & stick googly eyes on it..because...

Image hosted by

It's lined with doggy flannel!!! YAY!!! So this pod is going to be a little puppy pod. Ya, ok, stop laughing...

Image hosted by

I also knit this scarf today...Its purple to match my favorite Spunky teeshirt! It's Lions Brand Homespun yarn!

I think thats all for now

:D hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!

things i like

So today its raining, which is amazing because usually by this time of year in Redding its about 9000 degrees.
Eric has left for work & I have a nice clean room to play in today.
Heres my agenda.

1.) Clean old cabinet door, I'm using it for a work station.
2.) Find photos of neat jewerly that I like.
3.) Make said neat jewerly out of paper clay
4.) Cut apart underware
5.) Use fabric stiffener on cut up underware to make pins (ok, stop laughing!)
6.) Knit.
7.) Finish Chris's hat.
8.) Print dinosaur knitting pattern.
9.) Dread only having one painting for an ENTIRE semester of Drew's Dreadful Painting Class.
10.) Nap.

Rachel gave me the wonderful idea of reusing those prints that got all messed up, I am going to grab them from the drying racks tomorrow at school and come home and just stitch into them and make them really interesting looking and let the messed up borders work for them : D Rachel...want one of the results?! hahaha! Have you started to sew a squishy building yet?!!? hahaha.

ok I'm off to accomplish my list : D I'll post photos later tonight!

Friday, May 13, 2005

turtles at bay!

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Yesterday Susans drawing class went to the Sundial Bridge at 8 am and my oh my, it was fun. We all just basically spread out in different areas and drew with oil pastels.

Image hosted by

The bridge is pretty popular here, it cost an extreme amount of money, but I guess it is making the area more of a "hotspot" or's see through, so the salmon dont die...its really beautiful in a linear sort of way.

Image hosted by

Sacramento River under the bridge with some pretty mountains in the backround

Image hosted by

Me & Mel...
Luckily I woke up at 7:40, so my options for clothes were a comfy teeshirt & skirt. However, I didn't take into account that both were too big & I looked like a rectangle all day...or a watermelon..depends how you look at it.! :D I am a huge fan of comfort though and I was cozy all day, plus I've learned that i cant look nice at school anymore because I stain all my closes and make a general mess of myself!

Image hosted by

speaking of the she is, sitting on a bench in front of tons & tons of daisies!

Image hosted by

close up of daisies!

Image hosted by

If I were a flower, I'd be the yellow one in a sea of white...

Image hosted by

We both chose to sit in the cafe & draw & drink tea & coffee. This is how my drawing is, the table & the bridge. I love oil pastels, however, my drawing is a disaster in proportion...

Image hosted by

inside the cafe they have all sorts of pretty flowers!

Image hosted by

woo hoo!!! also they have neato little salmon hanging from the ceiling! yay!!!

Image hosted by

later that afternoon I thought it would be lovely to print a huge mono print like this..I ended up pulling 4 and each one is a disaster, everything from someone not cleaning the press & getting ink on my paper, to someone getting ink on the felts, to my paper tearing, to my ink being too oily and running. Yikes! So I borrowed from translucent medium & hopefully that solves the ink problem....

Lately I've been knitting Chris's hat & debating on making an ipod cover today, along with some felt jewerly...however, I'm doing a major house I'm not sure exactly what is going to get done :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

before I forget...

This summer my goal is to knit...

Image hosted by


Hitchhikers!!!! I love Marvin!!!

this photo was taken from a post on craftster : D

The womping willow!

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Oh man...what are those beauties?? Yes, you guessed correct! Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes! Made by yours truly!

Image hosted by

And THESE! Look all frosting so pretty like : D
Drawing class liked them...

Image hosted by

My hat was stolen yesterday by a certain Melissa....she's cute in it so I guess its ok. I really should be cleaning or napping, but instead I'm insane & knitting more of Chris's hat. Yay for knit hats!!!

Image hosted by

My feet were kept nice & warm yesterday by these booties that Melissa crocheted during printmaking, aka, the knitting hour.

Image hosted by

Chris posted some awesome pictures of mountains in Amherst & the surrounding area & I figured I'd post the road that my home is on & some of the mountains surrounding it....It was snowing in them yesterday & raining at my home!

but then!!

Image hosted by

Today it was so sunny & warm & it still is! This is Mount Shasta, which I see every day, this is the road that takes me to & from school! It looks so beautiful & the photos don't do it justice at all.

Tomorrow drawing is going to Turtle Bay to draw...I perfer going & getting french fries, but it'll have to wait until I'm done drawing the godawful bridge. I'll take tons of photos with the bridge. So cliche!

Lately all I want to do is sleep & eat one peanut butter oreo a day. Just one! Today I had herb & tomato organic Annie's little pastas for lunch! or breakfast. depends on how you look at it.

I'm rereading the Great Gatsby. It's an interesting book, each time I read it I feel something new. The last time I read it was when Eric brought it to me at the hospital & thus began our heated love affair : D

I like taking the digital camera gives me excuses to post 9000 times a day in my blogger :D